Entry #32

'Liking' a Logo

2011-02-21 19:46:33 by Cheddar79

Hey hi-de ho to all those Newgrounders out there.

This year I'm taking part in an charity event called Twestival (Twitter Festival) and their HQ have set us a challenge that I reckon the folks here could really help with.

I've designed a logo for my local Twestival event and I'm in need of some good old fashioned hordes of people to get this thing the 'most liked Twestival logo' on Facebook!

If you could help me get to number one then I could earn an extra $1000 towards our sponsored charity (Prostate Cancer).

Just two simple steps,

Firstly you have to 'Like' the Twestival page here: Twestival Page

Then secondly to 'Like' my logo here: My Logo

Thank you so much for your support!!

'Liking' a Logo


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2011-02-22 05:16:48

Hey, man. Just wanted to say, without hating on it, logos are tricky because they have to work in different sizes, this particular one will not work if it is smaller, because the text will become so small you wont be able to read it. The ratio between picture and text should be smaller, logos are usually displayed way smaller than that, for example the NG logo - if it's really small it still looks good and you can still read Newgrounds.
Just trying to help, that's only my opinion about it,

Cheddar79 responds:

Hey man,

Thanks for the feedback and you're absolutely right! Will look into a redesign.


2013-08-31 08:16:54

What's the point of this competition - to make the best logo or to force the most people to like it?